I have been a workaholic for most of my life and now at 50 with the support of my wife Nichol, I’m starting over. I have Covid of all things to thank for this life reset. In December of 2021 I caught Covid and RSV at the same time and it damaged my lungs. I’m thankful that I never had to be hospitalized and I know I am much more fortunate than many. It was enough to wake me up and make me start reevaluating how I’m living, or more accurately not living my life. Now I find myself in the position of looking for a job that I can enjoy while I’m there and stop thinking about it when I’m not there. I also now have the opportunity to reconnect with my passions and the people that share or will support those passions. At this point I’m not even sure who Steve truly is anymore. It’s exciting and I hope you’ll join me on part of my journey.


Quacking Dog is a nod to our sweet chiweenie Vivi. Although she passed away, she is still very much alive in our hearts and lives. She was so much more than a pet, she was a part of our family. Some people may judge or roll their eyes, but we gave her a voice and would say the things that we knew she was thinking. Still to this day we inject that voice into conversations. It makes Nichol and I happy, and it helps keep her spirit and energy in our home. Quacking dog comes from the quacking noise she would make instead of barking. To me it symbolizes uniqueness and being yourself. Singing out loud even though you can’t carry a tune, painting a picture even though you can’t color within the lines, pursuing what makes you happy and not worrying what others think.

That’s what you will find here. This will be my platform for me being me, and me supporting others being themselves. I hope to see you around.